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The gizmo is the basic you can drop in a Metadot page. Some call them widgets, we call them gizmos. There are many types of gizmos:  blurbs, news managers, file managers, calendars, form makers, forums, RSS fetchers, etc.. You can do many operations on your gizmos - create, edit, move around the page, change heading, reorder sub-gizmos (if available), cut, copy, paste, delete as well as set access permissions on each of them. To do all these operations you should enter in edit mode and look for the buttons above gizmo titles:


 move (drag & drop) a gizmo

 menu open gizmo menu
 increase heading increase gizmo title heading (H6 -> H5 -> .. ->H1)
decrease heading
 decrease gizmo title heading (H1 -> H2 -> .. ->H6)



Each gizmo may have a list of subscribers, which will receive email notifications each time someone updated the gizmo.

Notification activation 

In order to use the notifications, the user has to enable subscribing for this gizmo. Follow these steps:

  • Enter edit mode
  • Go edit the gizmo
  • Select "options" tab
  • Check the "Allow users to subscribe?" checkbox
  • Save the changes

After the activation an icon will appear next to the gizmo title on the page. The visitors will be able to subscribe by clicking on the icon and filling the necessary info in the popup window.


Opt-in, opt-out and unconfirmed opt-in lists 

The user can manage subscriber lists by using the three tabs in the gizmo edit screen - "opt-in", "opt-out" and "unconfirmed opt-in".

All subscribed users will appear in "opt-in" list, all unsubscribed users will appear in "opt-out" list and all subscription requests, waiting for confirmation from the potential subscriber - in the tab "unconfirmed opt-in".

When a visitor is making subscription request by clicking on the icon and entering an email address, an email will be send to him/her with a confirmation link in it. All visitors that are not yet confirmed their subscription requests (by clicking on the confirmation link) will appear in the "unconfirmed opt-in" list. Once they click on link and confirm their subscription, they will be moved in "opt-in" list of subscribers. In each email the visitor is receiving there is an unsubscribe link, which he/she may use if wants no more to receive notifications for the gizmo. In this case the subscriber will be moved to the "opt-out" list.

Manage subscriptions 

The user can manage own subscriptions by going to "profile" ->  "my subscription".

The users that are members of "Webmaster" or "Administrator" groups can manage subscription of all users, by going to "manage" -> "Subscriptions"


Skipping notifications 

Each time the user is editing some gizmo,  he/she may enter an "edit summary" comment about the change he/she is doing. That comment will be included in the notification email. If the change is minor, or not worth sending notification for it, the user have to click on the checkbox "This is a minor change" right after the "Edit summary" text field.