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File Manager with Version Control  

http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96045/filemanager_vc1.jpgThere are two types of File Manger gizmos:

  1. File Manager - You must add/remove a file each time, even if it is just an updated version of the same file. It adds the second file at the end of the list, so if you need to remove one, it would be the earlier file in the list.
  2. File Manager with Version Control - allows you to post a new version of the same file, without having to remove the old one first. This is similar to other version control software, using a check-out / check-in function.

To begin, select the File Manager With Version Control gizmo from the "Add a gizmo.... Option at the bottom of the window.

After selecting the File Manager, you are presented with a window where you will name the file manager section (#1 below) and optionally allowed to provide further instructions for the users (#2 below).


After selecting the Save option (either button at the top or bottom of the page will work) on the above page, you will be returned to your page, displaying the newly created File Manager gizmo (shown below).



You’ll notice two purple options in the upper corner of the gizmo.  The button allows you to “drag and drop” the gizmo to another allowed section of the page. 

The button is your “options” button, as shown to the right.  To add your first file, select the add File option.

After selecting the add File option, you will be given the option for naming and selecting your file.



Use the File title field to give a name to your file. Then select the http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96050/filemanager_vc6.jpg button, which will display the windows explorer window, allowing you to select the file to be uploaded to the web server. After selecting the file, click on the http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96051/filemanager_vc7.jpg button, followed by the http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96060/filemanager_vc16.jpg button.

http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96052/filemanager_vc8.jpgNow that you have uploaded a file to the web server, you may want to replace it with a more current version. For this, we will use the "options" button and select the "edit" option.

http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96053/filemanager_vc9.jpgThe edit option will give you option now of doing a "check out" on the file. This is telling the server that you have made changes to the file, and you now want to check the same file (after having made your revisions) back in. In this way, you won't end up with duplicate files on the server, as you could with the standard File Manager gizmo.

Selecting the check out option (shown below left), will then give you the option to check in the revised document at a later time.

http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96054/filemanager_vc10.jpg http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96055/filemanager_vc11.jpg

The check in process is very similar to the process for adding the file originally, in that it gives you the option to browse for the file, replacing the file currently on the server (as shown below). After selecting the file, select the http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96057/filemanager_vc13.jpg button to save the file on the server. After checking in the file, select the http://wiki.metadot.net/__metadot__/image_library/get_image/96060/filemanager_vc16.jpg button, which completes the process.