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Form Fields  

The fields are actual content of each form.

Follow these simple steps to add new form field:

  1. Enter the field label - if the label is omitted the field will not be added to the form.
  2. Select the field type - you may choose from several types of fields:
    • text - one line text box
    • textarea - multi-lines text box
    • select - select box with options
    • radio - group of radio buttons
    • checkbox - check box
    • email - one line text box
  3. Enter the default values for the field.
    • text, textarea and email - default text in the field - could be empty
    • select, radio - rules:
      • the values are in format "value1|value2|*value3";
      • the separator between the values is the symbol "|";
      • to set a default value use the symbol "*" right before the value
  4. Check required check-box if the field is required.