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Before getting started

In order to install Metadot 7 you should already have installed MySQL, Ruby, Rubygems, Rake and Ferret gems.

Getting started

1. Unpack the package file in the folder where your site will reside (e.g. /path/to/yoursite).

2. Go to your site folder (e.g. /path/to/yoursite).

3. Run "install" command which format is:./install [--no-tests] db_name_prefix [db_root_password]Parameters:

  * --no-tests - skip the test during the installation (optional)
  * db_name_prefix - database prefix name
  * db_root_password - database password for the root user (optional)


./install my_metadotNote: If the databases exists, they will be dropped first and then created again.

4. Go to created folder "metadot-rails" and create the search index for development and production databases:
cd metadot-rails
rake create_search_index
rake create_search_index RAILS_ENV=production

5. Run the site in development mode:
cd metadot-rails
ruby script/server
The site should be found at http://your-machine-ip:3000

Initial login:
email: admin@yoursite.com
password: admin123

After you login for the first time go to change your email (and password).