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If you have already installed Metadot version 7 you should do an update instead of new installation. Lets assume the installation directory is /path/to/yoursite (make sure the directory /path/to/yoursite/metadot-rails is already there). To update the software follow these steps:

  1. Go to your site folder (/path/to/yoursite).
  2. Unpack the new package file (tar.gz for Linux and zip for Windows machines).
  3. Run "update" command - make sure the previous installation exists in the folder "metadot-rails", since the command will look for a database configuration file in there (config/database.yml).


  4. For Linux systems - change the ownership of the new /path/to/yoursite/metadot-rails directory to the web server user (e.g. apache, www):

    chown -R apache:apache metadot-rails

  5. Restart your web server (e.g. Apache)