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  1. Check if Apache or/and MySQL are already started on the machine and if so - stop them. Usually they can be found in the Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services.
  2. Unzip the mdot-win-2-click-installer-X.X.X.zip file (i.e. in C:\Metadot).
  3. Start InstantRails.exe - a dialog will appear asking about regeneration of configuration files - click OK.
  4. A manage window will appear showing the status of Apache and MySQL - close the window (click Yes when asked).

Starting Metadot  

  1. Start start_metadot.bat.
  2. A console window will appear with following text in it (ignore the warnings for missing files):

    Starting Instant Rails...
    Updating databases...
    Starting SCGI Metadot service...

  3. InstantRails dialog will appear showing the status of Apache and MySQL.
  4. Do not close these 2 windows.
  5. You can access your site few seconds after you see the "Starting SCGI Metadot service..." text.
  6. Add the following to the 'path' environment variable (go to Control Panel/System, then selecting the 'Advanced' tab and clicking the 'Environment Variables' button):


  7. Create a search index, open a terminal window (by clicking 'Command Prompt' in your 'Programs' menu under 'Accessories'), and type:

    cd C:\Metadot\rails_apps\metadot-rails
    rake create_search_index RAILS_ENV=production
    Press Enter and let the indexing process run to completion. Now you should be able to run a search on your Metadot portal!

  8. Finally, set up a Windows task that do regular background maintenance, as described below under 'Create a Windows task'.

Access the site  

  1. In your favorite browser type: http://localhost
  2. The default username & password are:

    Username: admin@yoursite.com
    Password: admin123
    We strongly suggest changing the default username & password (use "profile" link from the login menu).

Stopping Metadot  

  1. Close the console window opened during the Metadot start.
  2. Close the InstantRails dialog window.

How to update  

  1. Download a mdot-win-X.X.X.zip file.
  2. Unzip the file in the "rails_apps" directory of your Metadot-InstantRails bundle (i.e. C:\Metadot\rails_apps)
  3. Start InstantRails.exe
  4. Go to the "rails_apps" directory (cd C:\Metadot\rails_apps)
  5. Start the command update.bat
  6. When the update is finished start Metadot (start_metadot.bat)

NOTE: Update HOST_BASE in config/environment.rb with your server domain name.

Creating of Windows task  

  1. Create a bat file with following content:

    cd C:\Metadot\rails_apps\metadot-rails
    rake RAILS_ENV=production periodic_processing

  2. Create a Windows scheduled task for the above bat file.


There are several configuration constants located at config/environment.rb file which should be considered for update:

HOST_BASE - the domain name used to access the web site ("metadot.net" by default). This constant is used in generation of links and should be changed properly.
EMAIL_SUBJECT_TAG - the prefix in the emails description (default: "[Metadot Portal Server]")
EMAIL_FOOTER - default: "<<< Metadot Portal Server >>>"
WEB_PAGE_FOOTER - default: <a href="http://www.metadot.com?ref=app">powered by Metadot</a>
SYSTEM_NOTIFIER_SENDER - default: "Metadot Administrator" <metadot-admin@metadot.com>
SYSTEM_NOTIFIER_RECIPIENTS - default: metadot-admin@metadot.com