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Migration to version 7  

Overview of the migration process

Migrating from Metadot 6 to Metadot 7 can be tricky sometimes. The two versions are completely independent and this create extra work during the migration.
In order to migrate a whole site, we have to migrate:

  • its content (users, groups and gizmos),
  • its look (site theme),
  • and the permissions.

While the migration of the site content is relatively simple to automate, the site theme and permissions are more complicated and needs to be done manually.

Automated site content migration

There is a rake task which will do the content (users, groups & gizmos) migration. In order to execute it follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to you Metadot 7 installation folder (i.e. cd /var/www/sites/metadot.net/metadot-rails or C:\Metadot\rails_apps\metadot-rails)
  2. Create a folder "sitedata" and copy the content of your Metadot 6 "sitedata" folder.
  3. Make sure Metadot 6 database is available.
  4. Execute the following rake task:

rake migrate_from_version_6 DB=metadot6_db_name SITE_ADDRESS=default TIME_OFFSET=-6 RAILS_ENV=production
  DB - the name of the Metadot 6 database from where we will import the site content
  SITE_ADDRESS - site address name of the metadot 7 account to which the content will be migrated
  TIME_OFFSET - the time offset of your server (this is needed for the calendar event times adjustments)
  RAILS_ENV - should be 'production', 'development' or 'test'. Choose 'production' if you don't know what that means Smile.

Note that the migration task will delete all existing users (except the site owner), groups and gizmos (except site theme related) from the Metadot 7 account, before proceed with the content migration.