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To manage your site you should be owner of the site or member of Administrators or Webmasters groups. On the manage screen you will find three sets of links, which provide interfaces to manage different aspects of your site.

Account Overview  

Review account statistics for the storage space, gizmos, themes, users and groups.

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Site Revisions  

Manage your site revisions - delete past revisions or make one of them current.

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Themes screen is the place where you manage your site themes. You can edit existing theme or create new one, download, upload or apply theme from theme gallery. You have access to this screen if you are site owner or member of Administrators or Webmasters groups.

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Image Library  

The Image Library is the place where you can manage all of your images. The images could be hosted on metadot or elsewhere and can be used in your blurbs or any other fields which are editable with our wysiwyg editor.

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Storage / attachments  

This screen will give you information about all of your files hosted on metadot.

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Search in your web site pages.

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Site settings  

You can set basic site settings which can be used in your pages organization name, site name, site tagline and site logo. The accounts with enterprise plan has an option to change their notification email templates as well.

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Site access & user registration  



Pending user registration  


Site plan  

Account billing