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The layout is basic part of a theme. It is a html template which use liquid tags. Liquid is a simple markup language for building of html templates. You can find more about it by clicking here.

Layout structure  


<!-- your meta tags would be here -->

{{page | js_and_css}}

<!-- your css and javascript tags would be here -->

<body {{page | body_attrs}}>
{{page | edit_bar }}

<!-- your html should be here -->


The tags in bold are mandatory and each of them should be on the right place to work properly.

{{page | js_and_css}} - should be in page's head section;
{{page | body_attrs}} - should be in the body tag;
{{page | edit_bar }} - should be immediately after body tag;
{{page.load_gizmos}} - should be right before closing body tag.


More about the available liquid functions and objects can be found in Variable reference section of this wiki.