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Your Metadot wiki uses a set of HTML templates and CSS files to render each page.

You can modify your site theme and to make it look the way you want. Since we give you full control of all page elements, there are very few limits to what you can do as a designer.

Each theme contains layouts and assets. A layout is a HTML template which contains Liquid tags . Assets are files like images, stylesheets and javascripts. All text-based assets (such as stylesheet or javascript files) may contain Liquid tags too.

You can create several page layouts (e.g. one for the front page, and one for the sub-pages) and the page creator will be able to select the one s/he wants from the page edit menu. 

Themes are located in the 'manage' menu.

Editing your theme  

Your site comes with a theme which can be modified with your own layout and CSS styles.

You have several options to work with current theme - preview, save as, edit and download.

The preview command will open a new browser window and will load there your site's home page using the current theme - that way you don't have to quit your Themes screen when editing your theme.

If you choose save as, you will be asked to select new theme name, and then the current theme (with all it's layouts and assets) will be duplicated as new theme with selected name and will appear under the label "My saved themes".

The edit link will lead to theme edit screen, where you could edit your theme layouts, add new layouts, edit your existing assets or upload new assets.

Note that if you edit your current theme, and later you are about to apply another theme (thats it - make it current) - all eventual changes in your old current theme will be lost - so if you want to keep them for later use you have two options -save as your current theme (save it) or download it as zip file, which later you could upload back to your site account (again as zip file).

Learn by example  

The best way to learn how to design a theme is to see some examples. The Wiki Machine comes with gallery of themes you could choose from. Go to "Themes" screen and find under "Theme gallery" label the link to the themes gallery, then choose some theme and click on it's "make current" button. Now you have this theme as new current theme and you can review the files in it by going to edit theme screen (edit options for current theme) or by choosing to download it as zip file and review it directly in your preferred standalone editors.

Manage saved themes  

Managing of saved themes are just like managing of the current theme, except that you have two more options - to delete saved theme or to make it current.

Upload a theme  

Another way to add theme to your site is to upload it as zip file. The zip file should contains files using the following simple rules:

  1. The zip file should contains two folders - "assets" and "layout"
  2. The "assets" folder should contains all asset files - images, stylesheets and javascripts
  3. The "layout" folder should contains layout files and:
    • there always should have one "main.liquid" file, containing the main (default) layout for the theme
    • the rest of the layout files may have any name, but the extension should be always ".liquid"